Starting A New Thing Today!

From today on, I intend to write my diary, online here.
Whatever I learn on a daily basis, about website, business etc, I intend to share it here.  

There is no big audience to this website. Today only 4 people have visited.
Still, I want to write in this website, just to keep my writing skills sharp.
I do not even intend to share these posts in facebook etc.

Updates from easyayurveda and ayurmedinfo:
Both the traffic is down by ~30-40% since August.
Currently we are busy with publishing a book. We have dedicated entire two weeks just to bring a shape to this book. Hopefully the book manuscript will be ready by Monday – 12th November.

This is the reason, we were not able to publish any article to these two websites.
I have a plan to revive and rejuvenate both the websites starting from next week.

We are more concentrating now, on selling the products through the website, than earning through advertisement.

Today’s webinar –
Was conducted by Dr Sandeep. After the webinar, we were chatting casually and Sandeep sir was telling about a professor who was worried about her future after 7-8 years.
I told, it is very unnecessary to think about that long. If we really believe in our strengths, one or the other doors of opportunities will surely open up!

About hobbies –
I have written an article about how hobbies help children here. Hobbies help everyone. Children or adults. It boosts self confidence.
One of the problems with hobbies is, when we get really busy with our lives, hobbies take backstage and we eventually discontinue our hobbies.

The key is to keep the hobby alive. 
If writing is your hobby, just write 10 lines per day.
If you want to read books, do not fail to read at least half to one page a day.
If you are good at drawing, draw at least few lines a day.
Keep your hobby alive. Invest at least 5 minutes per day of your busy schedule in it.