Story For Children – A Lonely Sachi

Sachi, 8 year old girl, was very good in cycling. She used to come first in all cycling competitions. This brought ego in her. She thought she is better than all her classmates. 

She was not mingling with her classmates in games or in studies.

Once the school children went to zoo to see animals and birds.
The zoo was very big. Sachi got tired and sat at one place. She was hungry. But because she was egoistic, she did not ask any of her friends.

Looking at her, one of her classmates offered biscuits to her. Her friend also asked her to join rest of the schoolmates for a group lunch.

Sachi accepted the biscuits but rejected the idea of having food together.
She sat alone, at a distance, eating biscuits.

Looking at this opportune moment, a monkey in the zoo attacked her to grab biscuits.
Sachi screamed loudly.
All her classmates rushed to help Sachi and looking at them, monkey ran away.

At that moment, Sachi realized that she was wrong in self isolating herself.
She thanked her classmates and apologized for her wrong attitude. She also joined all of them for lunch.
Now, all of her classmates are her friends

Moral of the story:
We should never be over-proud and egoistic about our talent.
Everyone is equal and everyone has one or the other talents.
We should never isolate ourselves from others.
We should be friendly and help others in the time of distress.