Book Almost Complete, No More Early Mover Advantage With Us

I did not put much effort today, a Sunday. Slept for more than 9 hours. Some of which are stored sleep for the upcoming hectic week. 

The book that we are writing is almost ready from our side. Learnt the hard lesson that, even after content is ready, to put the content into the form of a book, it takes around 10-14 days!
Tomorrow, we will give the final manuscript to the publisher. Excited. Went to Sharavu Sri Maha Ganapati temple with mother for prayers.

We, with Easy Ayurveda enjoyed the early mover advantage for all these 8-9 years with blogging and website information.
Early mover advantage is what iphones had when they were launched in 2007. No phones at that time, had a full touch screen functionality. They continue to ride that advantage wave even today.
Now that early mover advantage is no more with us, in Ayurveda blogging. This is because,  anyone can open a blog with a click of few buttons.

Google seems to love more of displaying videos these days, than articles in their search results.
For us, to survive, a change in plan of action is inevitable.

Apple seems to lose their share price drastically for last few weeks because they will no more tell how much iphone set are sold. This is not going well with the stock holders, because, no one will be knowing about their sales etc.

I had kept 2 hours exclusively for children. Played with Magic Crate and Flintobox. Kids love these constructive stuff and they in deed keep kids away from smartphones and TV.