What is Pure Love – Explained With A Story

You study various subjects in school and wonder why is there need to learn and study unrelated subjects, in case a student wants to study creative subjects then why does he need to study mind boggling mathematics? Similarly a student  interested in sciences then why boring economics???  [Read more…]

Ganesha Story – 2: Syamantaka Mani Story

Article By Ms Shashi.
Namaskarams children,
In my last article, we read that Rotund Ganesha, after a heavy meal, was moving on his rat (Mooshika) vehicle, stumbles and falls down. Ganesha starts filling all the modaks offered by his devotees back into his ruptured belly. Chandra Bhagwan looking at this, bursts into laughter.

Embarrassed Lord Ganesha, looks up at the sky and sees Chandra just about to laugh. In a fit of anger he breaks his tusk flings a curse at Chandra, that whosoever looks up at you on this night will undergo a year long suffering of false allegations.  [Read more…]

Ganesha Story -1: Birth of Lord Ganesha, Ganesha Chaturthi

In this chapter, we learn about birth of Lord Ganesha, the real story behind Ganesha Chaturthi and importance of Ganesha Chaturthi.   [Read more…]

Art Tips – Flowers Out Of Garlic Peel

Here is a quick demo about how to use garlic peel as petals to make a white flower. First make sure to cut the garlic skin into elongated, thin pieces. The length of its skin pieces determines the length and shape of the flower.  [Read more…]