How to Remove Meta tag from post and archive in wordpress

In most of the wordpress blog themes, the archive pages – such as category pages, as well as the posts will have author name, date published, comment count etc just below the title of the article or page. This info is called meta tag.  [Read more…]

Simplest And Best Youtube Video Downloader

Downloading a video or audio from scrap sites like songs. pk etc are illegal. However, we can download them from youtube, just with the help of a simple software. Here is my review.

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how To Search For A Post With Missing Link In WordPress

Suppose you are seeing a non relevant website link in the “clicks” section of wordpress site stats and you want to find out your post in which the link is present (to remove the link), then here are the steps to follow.  [Read more…]

Google Adsense Is Becoming More And More Publisher Friendly

If you have a website or a blog with decent viewership, google adsense is probably the best way to monetize and generate some revenue out of your hard work on your website. Previously, adsense was famous as notorious in banning publishers without strong grounds.

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Easiest Way To Open .rar File Without Downloading Any Software

Here are the steps to open a .rar file without requiring any software.
1. If you have got the file from an email, send it to your gmail account.
2. Do not download the file. But instead, click on the view button. (to view it as google docs.)  [Read more…]

How To Insert Hello Bar Plugin Into WordPress Genesis Theme?

Inserting Hello Bar plugin  code into your wordpress blog can become difficult, if you are a non tech guy like me. But if you are using genesis theme framework, then it is quite easy to do. Here are the steps to follow –  [Read more…]

Best Online Car Loan EMI Calculator For India

If you wish to calculate car loan EMI calculator in India, there are lot many websites offering this service. But 90 % of them ask for your name, car that wish to buy etc. These details are unnecessary because when we are calculating car loan, all that a website needs is  [Read more…]

Nokia E63 Email Sync Stopped Working? Here Is The Ultimate Solution

My nokia e63 was working very fine. But all of a sudden gmail sync stopped. I did various experiments, posted in forums. Updated nokia app store. Nothing worked. But now issue is successfully solved. Here is what I did.  [Read more…]

error 734 the ppp link control protocol was terminated tata photon plus

Error 734 may mean different things in different internet connection platforms. But if you have got tata photon plus connection, (Tata docomo) and when you are trying to connect the drive to computer, if you are getting this error message, then it simply means that your prepaid tariff plan has ended and you need to recharge.  [Read more…]

Youtube Updates Tag – Keyword Feature For An Easier Better Experience

While uploading uploading youtube videos, you need to enter relevant tags or keywords, which best describes your video content. Previously, while entering the tags, it makes sense to enter 2 – 3 words phrases rather than single words. For example, if you are uploading an Ayurvedic home remedy for fever,  [Read more…]