Frugal Vs Brutal methods against Chinese Virus – India Vs USA

USA wants to tackle any problem head on, while India always takes the frugal and effective measures, using minimal possible expense and damage.

When USA try to land a spacecraft on moon, USA adopted direct approach, using brutal force against moon gravity. Main reason is, USA has bigger money pocket. When India sent the spacecraft to the moon, it adopted the frugal method. It sent the spacecraft to the orbit of earth, then it jumped to the orbit of moon, then circulated moon for many times, then landed the spacecraft. This is because, a. Indian space scientists are brilliant in using the available limited resources to their maximum potential. b. They have to operate in a limited budget.

Even in the current Chinese Virus situation, we can see similar differences in approaches.
President Trump said that business should go back to normalcy, by Easter, which is just two weeks away.
So, they are clearly not thinking about lock down approach.
They rely heavily on
a. development of vaccines,
b. development of new medicines to curb the chinese virus
c. using current medicine combinations against the virus.

This is brute force approach. USA cannot afford to lock down because, it will crumble their economy, which is her backbone.

But India on the other hand, has taken the frugal, lock down approach. While Indian scientists are also busy finding remedies to Chinese virus, India cannot afford to let the virus spread quickly. Hence, it has to lock down, because, once the virus bombards the rural people, there is no way to contain it.

Hence, only way India can fight this virus is by preventing its spread. Also, India can afford to take this approach as we Indians know how to live with limited resources. We have innate capabilities to live under tough conditions.