Words of Gratitude

Thanks be to the Higher.
You loved me when I blamed myself.
You trusted me when I had doubt myself.
You cared me when I did not regard myself.
You hugged me when I raised my open hands to you.
You guided me when I was lost.
You made me smile when I forgot the word smile.
You made tears flow with joy when my eyes dried.
You lifted me up when I was stamped to the ground.
You made the things possible which I considered impossible.
You made things happen when I gave up with exhaustion.
You made me experience success when I was in search of reason for my failure.
You filled me with love when I was in fear.
You reminded me who I am when I was in search of identity.
You gave me a purpose to live when I was pushing myself in life journey.
You  made the path when I did not find the way.
You helped me when I was helpless.
You affirmed me when I criticised myself out of my own faulty thoughts
You gave me the best when I was made believe I don’t deserve the Best
You did not delay to bless me when I prayed to forgive me.Thanks be to the Higher now and forever.

Dr Renita D’Souza