How to Remove Meta tag from post and archive in wordpress

In most of the wordpress blog themes, the archive pages – such as category pages, as well as the posts will have author name, date published, comment count etc just below the title of the article or page. This info is called meta tag. 

You might choose not to display it.

If you wish to get it removed, please follow below steps.

To remove meta tag from the articles (posts)
Go to
Appearance – > Editor

Click on single post (single.php).

Before you edit any part of this or any other pages, make sure to copy the entire code into a notepad and store it safely in your computer so that you can paste the original code back.

Once you are in to single post

Find out this code – 

<?php get_template_part( ‘lib/templates/post-meta’ ); ?>

You can just hit ctrl+F and then copy paste this code find window to find the code.

Just select this code and delete it.

Then click on update file at the bottom of the page.

Repeat the same to archive.php file. This will delete the meta info from your category pages and all archives.