If Shweta Basu Is Exposed, Why Not Her Clients?

Every news paper have been reporting Shweta Basu’s arrest, with her name, her previous roles in flims etc. But what about her clients? How is this justified that she only gets exposed and her clients are not?! This is just half part of the story. 

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If an arrest happens in a prostitution racket, then both males and females should be arrested together.
First of all, it is just an allegation. Her so-called crime is not proven at. If she was found along with another man, it can be just a casual relationship with that guy. It can be just one night stand. We are in a society where lot of one night stand happens, can every short relationship, intended or otherwise, be called as prostitution?

Recently Deepika Padukone and Sakshi Tanwar have spoken on behalf of the actress, but not many have come in support of her. It is high time that, Honorable Supreme Court bans news papers from revealing the identity of the celebrities, with prostitution link, at least until the guilt is proven.
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