When Is The Best Time To Buy Car?

This post comes from my recent experience. I bought the first car of my life. Realizing its many benefits and how it has improved quality of my life and how all the members of my family are more comfortable now.. I just thought if I had bought this six months ago.. 

my carWe had our ailing granny at home. If I had bought it earlier, commuting between hospital and home in those rainy days would have got lot easier.

We visited lot of temples in rented car. On a monthly basis, we were spending around 4000 – 5000 rupees. Now, the monthly installment to our car is just a couple of thousands above that. I could have afforded that quite easily, even a few months before.

I had to take my daughter to her playschool in my bike, under heavy rains. It used to happen that she was getting totally drenched (even with her rain coats on)in the rain and the school staff used to change her dress soon after going to school.

We would have made a lot more short trips to nearby places, temples and tourist places and we would have enjoyed life a bit more.

So, my advice to you is, whenever you think you can afford to keep 6000- 8000 rupees of your salary aside for the car. Just go and book your car. You will never regret your decision.

Remember that more than you, your family members will be largely benefited by your car in ways, which you can never sit and imagine by yourself.