How To Insert Hello Bar Plugin Into Wordpress Genesis Theme?

Inserting Hello Bar plugin  code into your wordpress blog can become difficult, if you are a non tech guy like me. But if you are using genesis theme framework, then it is quite easy to do. Here are the steps to follow – 

First up, please note that it only works for, self hosted websites. It does not work for websites.

Steps – 

  1. First log in to your hello bar account. Create a new campaign and copy the javascript code.
  2. Log in to your blog.
  3. Click on the genesis link in the left column of the dashboard.
  4. You will see a theme setting page.
  5. Scroll down. At the bottom, you will find header and footer scripts. 
  6. Paste the javascript code in this – header and footer scripts area.
  7. Hit save button.
  8. Go and check your blog. The hello bar should be seen right at the top of your page.