Youtube Updates Tag – Keyword Feature For An Easier Better Experience

While uploading uploading youtube videos, you need to enter relevant tags or keywords, which best describes your video content. Previously, while entering the tags, it makes sense to enter 2 – 3 words phrases rather than single words. For example, if you are uploading an Ayurvedic home remedy for fever, it makes sense to enter keywords like ‘Ayurvedic home remedy’, ‘home remedy for fever’ etc, instead of single words like ‘Ayurveda’ , ‘home remedy’ etc.

Previously, to enter multi-word tags, you were required to enter these multi-word tags in between quotation marks. Example:
“home remedy for fever”, “Ayurvedic home remedy” etc. It was a bit annoying experience, because, if you forgot putting the quotation marks, then each words of the phrase would be entered as single word tag, like home, remedy, for, fever etc.

But now, they have fixed this issue. Now, to enter multi-word keywords, just type them, seperated by comma. Like

 home remedy for fever, ayurvedic home remedy etc. As soon as you put a comma, the phrase automatically converts into tags.