The Problem With India – Lack Of Self Discipline – An Example

There is a great saying in India. If say, tomorrow government announces that judicial system is no more exists, then everyone will opt for burglary as a profession. The latest example is, this 500 rupees note that i recently got. 

It is a well known rule that no one should tamper with the note to give respect to money and to maintain the integrity. It is more of a rule of self discipline, rather than a written rule. For, government will not catch hold of somebody,  just because you have written on something on the note, or tampered with it.

But it appears that State Bank Of Mysore doesn’t bother much about this rule of self-discipline. They have gummed a sticker so hard that, if I try to remove it, the note start getting torn. Even the shop keeper has refused to take the risk with the note.

Of course, I can go and submit the note to a bank and get a replace.

But the point is.. what about the self-discipline?