Networkedblogs Vs – Which is Better to Link To Facebook?

This is related to your wordpress websites. If you have a website, in or .org and if you want a system where once you publish a blog post, notification for the same is posted in the facebook, then you have got two options. 

1. / Jetpack
2. Networkedblogs

1. or Jetpack – The feature of posting updates of wordpress blogs to facebook was available in since a long time. But in recent jetpack update, they have brought this awesome feature to .org (self hosted) websites as well. The advantage that I noticed here is –
a. The udpates are instant. As soon as you publish a post there, boom, the facebook gets also updated.
b. In your facebook profile, you can chose, in which of your pages or profile, you want the notification be sent.
c. The notification picks up the image in your article, and posts the same along with article excerpt. (example number 1 in the picture.

Since this feature was present since a long time in, this feature is already time tested and hence it is a very good option.

Along with publish to facebook, you can also send notifications to twitter, linkedin, tumblr and Yahoo. (waiting for google plus, but not yet available.)

2. Networkedblogs
Networkedblogs is also a great feature. So far, for self hosted wordpress blogs, it was the best method to send cross notification of blog posts to facebook. But there were problems.

a. updates were not instant. It usually took around 3 – 4 hours for networkedblogs to send the post notification to facebook.

b. annoying image along with post – Networkedblogs uses as screenshot of theme of the blog as the picture to attach  along with facebook update. This is a big minus. There is no expression of your brand, there is no image of your blog post, but just a theme screenshot.  (mark 2 in the attached image)

For these two reasons, better you go with jetpack ( than networked blogs.