How To Edit Paypal Button? Latest And Easy Method

Paypal is a great tool to use to create your own shopping cart or to receive donations from worldwide. Once you set rate for your products, create button and implement on your website, you might want to change the rates, after sometime. Here is a step by step guide on, how to find the buttons that you previously created, and how to edit the existing paypal buttons that you previously created. 

1. Log in to your paypal account.
2. Click on the profile link, which is there in the second row of buttons.

3. In your profile, click on “my selling tools” the third link in the left column

4. Under the selling online title, the first point is “paypal buttons”. Click on the update button there.

5. Once you are in the list of your buttons, against each of your buttons, there is an action link. Click on it, and edit, delete, or do whatever you want, with your buttons.