Ganesha Story -1: Birth of Lord Ganesha, Ganesha Chaturthi

In this chapter, we learn about birth of Lord Ganesha, the real story behind Ganesha Chaturthi and importance of Ganesha Chaturthi.  

Lord Ganesha
Mushika vahana  modaka hasta
Chamara karna vilambitha sutra
Vaamana rupa maheshwara putra
Vighna vinayaka paada namaste

Mouse as vehicle, left hand holds modak
Wide ears
Short stature, Shiva’s son
Remover of obstacles l lay my head at thy Feet

Lord Ganesh is first worshiped before the start of anything and everything. This was the boon He received from His Father Lord Shiva.


He is the Lord of power and wisdom, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
His mother created Him as a pure white Being from the vibhuti smeared on Her Limbs, as guardian to Her House as She went to bathe. She placed him at the entrance and invoked Him not to allow anyone to enter (that is why you see Ganesha at the entrance of homes, Lord Narasimha is on the threshold, so we bow at the entrance be it home or temple, and never to sit on the threshold or place your feet on it. The Two of them take care of our homes and Temples)

Lord Shiva returned home, saw this little boy at the door, the child was beautiful and powerful but lacked knowledge.
The boy stopped Shiva from entering the house, Shiva noticed the child was powerful. The child had a lance like weapon in his hand which he was deftly using, realised it was given by Parvati and that he was Her creation, the child had become vain since he had power, strength and confidence, he lacked knowledge which was needed to utilize this prowess.

Siva cut off the wile head and replaced it with a elephant head ,the elephant head has small eyes considering his stature but he can see more than all beings,wide ears, he can hear what we cannot hear, we have a tiny nose he has a long one with which he does a lot of work including feeding himself.

The elephants big head conceals a powerful brain. Lord Ganesha is humble he is meek when angry, he destroys everything within sight, always remembers his enemy.

Ganesha is Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s gift to all of us.

Compassionate Shiva realised the suffering the child went through. So, Shiva gave Ganesha a boon of always being the first one to be invoked before starting any venture ,He is Vignaharta
The second boon was to be the commander of Shiva’s army Ganas. So, Lord Ganesha is called Ganapati. Gana means Shiva’s army. Pati or Eesha means leader. Lord Shilva also blessed Ganesha with the mystic word GUMM

This is how Ganesha was born on bhadrapad shukla paksha which we celebrate as Ganesha Chaturti.
Like all kids, birthdays are the most important day of the entire year. Hence, Ganesha’s birthday is being celebrated allover India with big idols of Ganesha installed in all parts of the city.
Mushika – the rat become Ganesha’s vehicle.

Once, Lord Ganesha had eaten lot of Modaks, sitting on little Mushik he was now returning home. Mushik was happily trudging with his Lord on his back when he saw a snake watching them. Mushik was scared, tripped and fell drown. Ganesh, with Modaks in his hand  rolled away, his belly opened,and out fell all the modaks.
Ganesha quickly put all of them back into his belly ,they were the offering of his devotees so each one was important to him. He swooped the snake up, tied him across his belly. Just as he was to sit on his vehicle, he happened to look up and saw the moon was trying hard to conceal laughing seeing this funny sight.
Ganesha got angry removed one of his tucks threw it at Chandra (moon) and cursed ” whoever sees the moon on this night will be doomed for the entire year”

On his way back, he realised his devotees had so very lovingly offered him modak,what have l done, indirectly cursed them also for Chandra’s folly.
Once a curse is proclaimed it cannot be taken back. So the compassionate Lord said, if by mistake human beings happen to see the moon on that day they should read the story of Krishna and the Shyamantaka mani, ( l will relate this story in the next episode),then My Grace will be on them and the curse liquidated.

This, children is the story of Lord Ganesha, always start the day with his names on your lips – Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganapathi, Jai Vighnesha etc.
Do not see the moon on Ganesh Chaturti
May Lord Ganesha bless all of us.
Sarva janato sukino bhavantu