Google Adsense Is Becoming More And More Publisher Friendly

If you have a website or a blog with decent viewership, google adsense is probably the best way to monetize and generate some revenue out of your hard work on your website. Previously, adsense was famous as notorious in banning publishers without strong grounds.

An example.

As per Google, most of the bans are automated. Last year, Matt Cutts, Google’s head for spam team, reversed the adsense ban on a publisher who was with adsense since 2003. Read full story.

After a while, adsense published an article stating that they will consider the time period in which the publisher has association with adsense as a criterion before taking any action.

Recently, when it turned 10 year old, it also sent greeting cards to some publishers.

And yesterday, adsense has set up a notification program to notify publishers about any program policy violations that they are making, so that the publisher can take corrective action. This is a huge leap towards transparency and a big relief for all publishers.