Got Caught Up – Margin Call Movie | Onion – Pronunciation | Finished The Book

I was watching business related videos in youtube and got margin call video cut scene in recommendation.  I watched the scene. I was so impressed that I watched the full movie (rented it on youtube.)

The movie is based 2008 worldwide market crash. How a finances company gets caught in the middle of it and how the movie comes out of all the troubles.
I learnt how professionals address a crisis situation.
In the movie, I observed an interesting thing.

Never get caught up in “following processes”:
There is a very high level crisis, big enough to engulf the whole company. A meeting is called to access the situation. One person has already submitted report warning incoming danger. Another team has to examine the report and opine. The lady, in charge is asked to hurry up. She does not look into the file. She says “report like these takes a lot of time to analyze”.
A few minutes go by. She, instead of looking into the report, again says she needs time.
She is so caught up in the process of taking own time and analyzing the file leisurely that she is not able to have a quick look and come to early conclusions.

Our book:
We finally finished the book. The editing, indexing and chapter arrangement parts took more than 2 weeks of time.  I think we could still have fine tuned it. But I am big fan of “Done is better than perfect.”
So, it is done and has gone for printing.

I have observed that whenever I eat raw onion, the Sanskrit verses pronunciation becomes harder and I make mistakes. The problem is less found when I eat cooked onions.
This is probably one of the reasons onions are categorized as Tamasik food. Food that slows down the functioning of brain and sense organs.