How Kejriwal Has Tamed Congress Party?

Finally Aravind Kejriwal and his AAP have formed the government in Delhi. Now he can achieve development and curb corruption as he wants. He formed government with the help of congress. Many questions arose.

Congress AAP DelhiWill congress allow Kejriwal to achieve his goal?
Is it ethical for Kejriwal to take congress support? Because, he himself had told that with congress alliance, we cannot work against corruption.
How long this new brittle alliance can sustain? In between the short period, how much AAP could achieve?

Everyone is thinking about the life of this new government. Congress can anytime  withdraw its support.When asked about stability of their government, Kejriwal and his party MLAs are coolly saying that they will run the show as long as Congress supports. They are saying this with a sense of detachment. This is giving an impression that they are not greedy for power. Instead of that, this attitude is pressurizing the congress to keep supporting AAP, whether congress likes it or not.

Usually in coalition government member party MLAs get a few portfolios. But even after forming a coalition government none of the congress MLAs have been given any portfolio. Kejriwal took support only for the number sake. Kejriwal has made it sure that congress has  no role in running the government.
So whatever the developments and progress that Delhi achieves, Kejriwal will enjoy the full credits.

People have faith in AAP. They are very happy with AAP. Once after congress expressing their support to AAP they cannot withdraw their support without a strong reason, because public sentiments are with AAP at this point of time. If they withdraw support, sighting a silly reason they will become villain in the minds of common man.

Kejriwal has stated that he will take action against all the criminal politicians including congress. This created a fear in corrupt politicians. None of the AAP ministers have a corrupt background. So there will be hopefully very less scandals hence very less reason and chance to congress to withdraw their support.

All this has made Kejriwal to emerge as the winner and has forced Congress to toe the line of AAP. The winner in the process, is the Aam Admi – common man!
By – Karthyayini Hebbar.