Can Nilekani Save Congress?

After humiliating defeat in Vidhan Sabha elections, Congress is thinking to change its strategy. It is proven beyond doubt that Rahul Gandhi cannot fool the people by his fake promises. Modi’s jaadu (magic) is working almost all over India and in Delhi, AAP is a big threat to congress.
 “broom” is cleaning congress in the capital. Voters are losing faith on Manmohan Singh and UPA. Congress has now realized that they cannot go for elections under the leadership of Manmohan Singh and Rahul. So they are in search of a new face which can save their sinking ship.

Narendra modi’s governance in Gujarat is encouraging all people including farmers, business class and corporate world to support him. He is the only hope for India. Now it is congress’ turn to come up with a person who is clean and can lead congress towards power. There is a rumour that they are thinking to announce Nandan Nilekani as PM candidate, so that they can attract corporate world. Nilekani has successfully managed Infosys and Aadhar project. It is a plus point to congress. He may give slight competition to Modi.

Administration of the largest democratic country of the world, India is an entirely different playground when compared to managing a software company. In a company setup, the boss has full control over his employees and employees are bound to follow his orders. But things are different when it comes to leading a government. There will be challenges both on internal and external fronts. It requires bigger vision and stronger capabilities.

A leader of a government,

  • has to manage his party differences
  • has to take the confidence of the opposition in critical national issues
  • has to take firm decisions relating to international affairs
  • has to have a futuristic vision with solid long terms plans.

Now the question arises whether Nilekani is ready to face the challenge and to face Modi wave? As we know hi-command controls the UPA government and PM does not allow much of a freedom when it comes to critical decision making. India needs a leader who leads us to development and recreate India’s image as a strong, self reliant and confident nation. So people, think before you vote.
Article by Karthyayini Hebbar