Simplest And Best Youtube Video Downloader

Downloading a video or audio from scrap sites like songs. pk etc are illegal. However, we can download them from youtube, just with the help of a simple software. Here is my review.

youtube downloader

Software – youtube video downloader

Pros – 
Takes 1 minute to install
Very easy to use.
you can download the original video / audio.
video or audio in whichever the format that you want, like mpeg, mp3, mp4 etc.
you can also choose video / audio quality – like, best, medium, low etc.

Cons –
If you chose for the best quality of video and audio, it may take longer time to download. But that is natural, because, higher resolution means higher file size. 

Free trial only for 10 days.

But all in all, a very good product to try.