Nokia E63 Email Sync Stopped Working? Here Is The Ultimate Solution

My nokia e63 was working very fine. But all of a sudden gmail sync stopped. I did various experiments, posted in forums. Updated nokia app store. Nothing worked. But now issue is successfully solved. Here is what I did. 

nokiaBefore trying the below method, try to switch off the phone and put it on once or twice.
Or, wait for 2 – 3 days. Your email may start working again automatically.

The original nokia app for email is called as “nokia email”app. The problem with this old model is, even if you go to nokia app store and search for this, you will not get it. (At least, I didn’t).

Then I installed emoze push mail app.

It is very easy to use. It supports gmail, yahoo and others. Try it today and enjoy!

One disadvantage with this is, that,  for every email, you need to go to apps, then click on emoze, then on inbox. The inbox is not available in the home screen.