Three Things That Barfi Movie Could Have Done Better

Barfi is an excellent movie, liked even by film critics. Ranbir Kapoor as acted his skin out. I am not a film critic, but I felt two things could have made the movie even more fantastic. And they are… 

We enjoy any movie even after coming out of the theater, by its music. Barfi’s music is very good. Gentle to the ears. Overall feel-good kind of music. But unfortunately it is not catchy music. Though I watch all of the songs in music tv stations, and I’ve watched the movie, I hardly remember the lyrics or the beats of any song. Pritam could have made the songs and overall music bit more catchy.

Priyanka’s role – Director could’ve developed the Jhilmil Chatterjee a bit more interesting. Apart from her vivid expressions and different walking style, there is nothing much Priyanka add on.

Close up shots of face – On certain screens, I felt that the director could’ve taken close up shots of face, to make the expressions a bit more clearer. Especially during emotional scenes.

But these are just my opinions. Overall, I liked the movie very much for its simplicity and exhibition of purest form of love and all the laughter !