3 Reasons Why Gangnam Style Became A Hit Over Night?

The gangnam style video – an album song of Psy has been watched for more than 365 million times. Now there are many reasons how an youtube video can go viral. There are three main reasons why this video got viral, if you ask me.. 

1. Open heart dance – Look at Psy, he does not have any inhibitions or negativity about himself. He is so confidant about his ability to entertain. Everyone loves to see dance done with a care-free mind. This is one of the reason, why Michael Jackson’s dance was so awesome. You could see beauty of his soul through his dance.

2. Oppan Gangnam style – Catchy title and catchy dance steps. It just sticks to your mind at the first time you watch the video.

3. Awesome music – Apart from dance, the music and lyrics is so catchy and good to listen to.

If you haven’t enjoyed Gangnam style yet, you must have been in some sort of coma for the past month.

Go watch it here – Gangnam style!